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Justin Bieber Shares Sexy Shirtless Gym Workout, Hiking Day, Says ?#stayfit?
By ymbeejechk9, 14.09.2014, 08:24

My goal was always for him to have a Marky Marktype body: big but not too big. Patrick told In Touch last November. Of Bieber, he said: I cant keep him out of the gym! There are periods where he wants to work out seven days a week. The fitness guru recalled the Canadian wasnt lifting weights or really eating much when they began working together, adding: It wasnt until last November that he was really pushing to get bigger and got motivated to work out harder Nilsson told the magazine, adding, He said to me one day, Man, I never want to be skinny again! workout program And its clear Justin loves his new sculpted body, going by his oft-shirtless state.